Using SIPs to Deliver Zero Energy Buildings

Not long ago, net-zero energy buildings seemed like the dream of geodesic dome dwellers. The reality is net-zero is readily achievable in commercial, institutional and residential buildings with currently available technologies, including structural insulated panels (SIPs). This infographic shows a starting point for net-zero with a high-performance building envelope. Bookmark and Share

Be a Zero Hero
Zero Energy Buildings
Technologies Used
High Efficiency Envelope
Zero Energy SIP
Finn Hill Jr. High
Portland Community College | (800) 275-7086



1. New Buildings Institute (NBI), "Getting to Zero 2012 Status Update," March 2012
2. USDOE, "Heating and Blower Door Tests of the Rooms for the SIPA/Reiker Project," March 2002
3. USDOE, "Whole Wall Rating/Label for Structural Insulated Panels: Steady-State Thermal Analysis," June 1999


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