A Building so Yummy…You Might Just Lick the Screen

A Building so Yummy…You Might Just Lick the Screen

Ok, not really.  But Cascade Culinary Institute (CCI) of Central Oregon Community College (COCC) in Bend sure thinks so!  CCI has been waiting all year to move into their new state of the art teaching facility, Jungers Culinary Center. That anticipation comes to a close as employees and students of CCI are unpacking boxes and moving in today!

Premier SIP Roof, CCI's new Jungers Culinary Center

CCI and Yost Grube Hall Architects designed the building with an eye on energy savings by committing to build Jungers Culinary up to Earth Advantage Institute standards (a new commercial green building certification). Planned as part of a pilot program for Earth Advantage, Jungers Culinary Center has efficiencies and sustainable principles built into the construction of the building and the equipment that’s being used within the building.  The Culinary School’s goal is to achieve GOLD level Earth Advantage Commercial certification on their building.

Premier SIP Roof Install, CCI's Jungers Culinary Center

That’s where we come in.  Designed with all efficiencies in mind, Jungers Culinary used Premier Structural Insulated Panels, SIPS, as the high performance roof framing solution.  Premier SIP roofs have fewer areas for air penetrations (and leakage) than typical stick framed roofs and are comprised of one or two large panel sizes, which can speed the assemble process significantly.  The high thermal values and strength properties of Premier SIPS are extremely beneficial for roof construction which is subject to severe dimensional constraints, the largest indoor/outdoor temperature differences, and are typically the most difficult area to insulate using standard frame insulating methods.  To understand how SIPS are environmentally responsible, take a look at the life cycle benefits of SIPs.

Premier SIP Roof, CCI's Jungers Culinary Center

To meet growing demand, the new teaching state-of-the-art facility has gone from a very small facility to 15,205 sq. ft. where there will be more space to train up to 100 students per year (that’s potentially a five-fold increase).

The new Jungers Culinery Center Includes:

  • Large teaching kitchen, bakery and classroom to accommodate 100 students
  • Demonstration theater for the students’ classes as well as the public’s cooking classes
  • 60-seat restaurant open to the public, featuring lunch and dinner service
Project Details:

Interested in designing or building with Premier SIPS?  Take a look at our Premier SIP detail drawings and technical bulletins on our website.


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