Architects & Design Professionals

Once you start designing with SIPs its hard to go back to stick frame construction…

Design is only as good as the products you have to work with. That’s why architects love designing structural framing with SIPS from Premier Building Systems.

Premier’s structural insulated panels are not only the best available on the market, but Architects rave about this versatile design product that builders and homeowners love. Once design professionals get a sense of the versatility that designing and specifying Premier SIPS offers they turn to SIPs time and time again instead of using other dimensional lumber products.

Download the full Premier SIPS Design Manual here.


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Why Architects Turn to SIPS

Top reasons why architects are turning to Premier SIPS for roof, wall and floor framing needs:

  1. Incredible “green” features. Home and building owners regularly save up to 60% on utility bills. The R-Values of all panels are unsurpassed when compared with traditional stick frame lumber construction. Find out more…
  2. Strength. SIPs are able to bear incredible loads. Ideal for heavy snow loads in cold climates such as Alaska, or for withstanding nature’s forces (storms, winds, hurricanes and more) Premier SIPs truly are a stronger, structural framing option. The IRC and ICC agrees with Premier’s SIPs technology and has adapted the product category into the national residential and commercial code guidelines.
  3. The ultimate code reports. We believe in the advantages the SIPs technology offers the construction industry so we spent years in product development and research to create the best code reports in the industry.
  4. Straighter walls. With expanses ranging up to 24 feet in one panel, its no wonder that buildings achieve straighter walls without bows and curves. Homeowners love straight walls to showcase artwork and stage intricate lighting designs. Builders love straight walls because they make flooring, millwork, cabinet, door and window installation much easier by reducing the need for shimming floors and constantly trimming and adapting millwork to fit bowed walls.
  5. Better design.   Archways and curves are second nature in the design of Premier SIPS . Our routers can cut our panels and openings in our panels into any shape you can dream up. Panels are delivered to the job site pre-cut per your drawings, allowing jobsite installers to cut days off of installation when they would otherwise be creating arched openings, windows and more.  To make sure you are able to take full advantage of the versatility that SIPs offer our experienced drafters and project engineers are available to assist you throughout the design and specifying process. Preview our featured architectural project profiles to get a sense of SIPs design options.
  6. A builders dream. Who wouldn’t love offering their customers a product that will save money on utility bills, reduce installation labor schedules by 60% and that will offer a stronger, healthier home? Once they’ve tried working with them, builders love SIPs for these very reasons. So you can be confident you are offering your customers and contractors a superior framing product.
  7. Fire & insect resistance. The foam in Premier SIPS includes a treatment that makes the foam resistant to carpenter ants and termites. Premier SIPS exceeds all North American standards for residential construction. In addition, we have completed exhaustive testing for multifamily and commercial structures requiring one-hour fire resistant assemblies. Premier SIPS perform very well in these tests. When covered with an appropriate thermal barrier, such as gypsum board, SIPs meet all national fire safety standards for any Type V structure.

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Environmentally Sound

The Green Factor

Premier & Platinum SIPS offer the following:

  • Better R-values
  • Reduced utility bills (up to 60%)
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Smaller HVAC systems,
  • Buildings with less fossil fuel consumption
  • A product made from renewable OSB resources and EPS insulation that is 100% recyclable
  • A product that offers significantly less jobsite waste (up to 60%) than other construction framing methods

Sound good?

Top it off with a jump start towards qualifying for the points needed for environmental certifications and tax/financial incentives and we’re pretty sure you’ll agree with the “Green Factor” that SIPs is bringing an innovation to the marketplace that is long over due.

Design Support

Dedicated Project Manager

We believe it is our job to be your best framing design resource.  When you work with Premier you will have one Project Manager (point-of-contact) to help answer all your design questions. Our Project Managers work regularly with our in-house drafting and engineering divisions so they can help you find the support and technical information that you require to complete your design projects efficiently. We are also available to help convert your older designs into Premier SIPS plans.

In House Technical Center

Engineers and design professionals with literally 50+ years of combined experience are on hand to help answer any challenging technical design questions you have. Anything that your Project Manager requires additional support on, comes from professionals with decades of international experience working with the SIP product.

Details, Specifications & Electronic Literature

Our extensive online detail library will serve as a one-stop resource, where you can download all the details you need to incorporate into your designs.

A current Premier SIPs specification is also available for your regular use.

Design professionals can also view our full library of electronic literature, which includes an online architectural binder.

SIPs Project Gallery

We have hundreds of jobs go through our design division every month. We are happy to help share ideas and solutions to simplify the design process for you.

Our featured Architectural Project Gallery is updated regularly. Check back at any time for ideas, and ask us for details about any of the projects you may be interested in learning more about.

Technical Documents

SIPs Product Testing

Our full-time staff at our Technical Center (in Prior Lake, Minnesota) regularly tests product properties. From fire ratings to loads to R-values, to specification updates, we are dedicated to providing you with accurate and update technical resources.

SIPs Quality Control

Premier employs third party independent quality assurance agencies to assess and audit the quality control process in our manufacturing facilities. These agencies include PFS Corporation and Underwriters Laboratories. Premier also requires their suppliers to undergo similar processes to ensure the delivery of raw materials that meet Premier’s exacting specifications.

Premier SIPS has received several awards for Quality Assurance and is the only SIPs manufacturer nationwide to have received the coveted Commitment to Quality Award from PFS Corporation. Premier was the first and is still the only manufacturer, nationwide, to utilize controlled environment laminating in their pressing operation.

Load and Design Charts

Our Technical Center has spent years developing and updating product load and design charts so you can be confident you clearly understand the full product features and requirements. View our Design Manual and other Design Documents in our Technical Toolbox.

SIPs Technical Bulletins

We update our research and testing on a regular basis, so you can be confident that you are using the best practices for the design and installation of Premier SIPs. View Technical Bulletins

SIPs Code Reports

At the end of the day, its all about the code reports. We have the most extensive and robust code reports in the SIPs industry. Its our way of providing you with the tools to design and and construct buildings with better framing products. Contact your local Premier Sales Rep to request regionally specific assistance.


Premier SIPS R-Values