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SIP R-values @ Different Thicknesses and Temperatures with EPS and GPS Cores
SIP Thickness R-values @ 75f R-values @ 40f R-values @ 25f
EPS Core GPS Core EPS Core GPS Core EPS Core GPS Core
4.5″ 15 18 16 19 17 20
6.5″ 23 28 25 29 26 30
8.25″ 30 36 32 38 33 40
10.25″ 37 45 40 48 42 50
12.25″ 45 55 49 58 51 60


Printable Premier SIPS R-Values

Quality Control:

Premier employs third party independent quality assurance agencies to assess and audit the quality control process in our manufacturing facilities. These agencies include PFS Corporation and Underwriters Laboratories. Premier also requires their suppliers to undergo similar processes to ensure the delivery of raw materials that meet Premier’s exacting specifications.

Premier SIPS has received several awards for Quality Assurance and is the only SIPs manufacturer nationwide to have received the coveted Commitment to Quality Award from PFS Corporation. Premier was the first and is still the only manufacturer, nationwide, to utilize controlled environment laminating in their pressing operation