Don’t Let the Building Process Puzzle You

Don’t Let the Building Process Puzzle You

May 17th, 2014 is the deadline the DOE has stipulated the states have to comply with the new IECC 2012 energy efficient code.  Only a handful of states have implemented the 2012 IECC and with the aggressive 2015 IECC looming in the background, don’t let the 2012 IECC snowball on you.  The 2012 IECC code will be approximately 30% more stringent than 2006 IECC, while the proposed 2015 IECC is targeting a 50% improvement over 2006 performance.

The Building Puzzle, What’s Important

Southern California SIP Home

Southern California in process SIP Home

With the increased attention paid to the building envelope, make sure to use a building system that meets IECC codes and design criteria for framing your structure.  Walls, roofs, and floor construction (both residential and commercial) framed with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) for a super tight, well insulated shell, will help you achieve low air change rate (ACH) and continuous insulation in one product.

We get it, although SIPS provide multiple efficiencies for building construction and operations, many builders still often rely on the traditional building methods they are most familiar with.  Design is only as good as the products you have to work with and SIPS fit virtually into any architectural style while boosting energy efficiency.  Additional benefits include:

  • SIPS help reduce energy costs, and allow for smaller, more cost-effective mechanical systems
  • Utilizing SIP panels allow for a smooth and rapid assembly process, shaving weeks off tight construction schedules
  • High performance SIP systems offer substantial life-cycle benefits


Northern California Completed SIP Home

Northern California Completed SIP Home

Common Questions About Selling SIPS

Do More by Doing Less During the Building Process

Can SIPS be Used in Most Climates?


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