IMG_0001webThe next generation of building enclosures has arrived!

  • The epitome of high performance framing
  • Up to 20% Higher R-Values
  • Less than average 6.5% cost increase … huge return for comfort, energy and operating costs
  • Same unsurpassed SIPS warranty (you won’t see this with stick framing)
  • Same Premium SIPS, with GPS (graphite polystyrene) core
  • Ready-to-install, factory fabricated, turn key high performance structures…. hopefully you get the point how pre-engineered SIPS panels are
  • Thinner framing for higher R-Values (achieve up to R-50 in a far thinner section than stick/advanced framing – no need to adjust as much for windows, doors, etc.)
  • Panelized floor plans with pre-cut windows and doors for exceptionally fast installation, also eliminates need for large crew skilled labor

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GPS SIPS are ideal for:

  • Projects seeking turn-key high performance
  • Structures seeking the ultimate in comfort, reduced energy bills, and indoor air quality
  • Full Building Enclosures
  • If not the full enclosure (ideal for energy savings and indoor comfort) available for Roofs, Walls or Floors

GPS SIPS deliver:

  • IMG_0005web20% higher R-Value than standard structural insulated panels – Premier SIPs R & U Values (2016-03-04)
  • Code approved through national & regional approval sources
  • Proven in the field for more than 50 years
  • Core structural component, trusses or framing not necessary
  • Extremely strong (view DIY Construction TV’s strength test here)
  • Factory engineered for accuracy
  • Panelized floor plans for optimized SIPS structures
  • Pre-cut windows and doors for faster dry in
  • Large panels (up to 24ft) install extremely quickly, and require minimal skilled labor

Ready to learn more? SIPS simplify design and construction, while offering the ultimate high performance structures.

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