How to Accelerate Your Construction Process

How to Accelerate Your Construction Process


It has been a horrendous winter….and ‘super storms’ are still affecting much of the U.S.  However, as spring is on the tip of our tongue, the building season is approaching.  And wouldn’t you agree that it’s the construction industry’s dream to complete projects faster while cutting costs in the process?  Many tried and true building methods are being tested- and alternatives considered.

Enter SIPS:  structural insulated panels.  Perhaps the most advanced framing method, SIPs come pre-fabricated, pre-cut, and pre-insulated per floor plans, and don’t require special training for framing installation.  SIPs have continuous, high-thermal insulation across their height, width and depth, and since they don’t have studs that break up the insulation, they reduce thermal bridging.  So what are some of the answers to questions we often get…

SIPS Framing

Residential SIPs installation

How do SIPs improve efficiency by meeting multiple building needs in one step?  Do more by doing less.  SIPs accomplish multiple goals, you can take care of five steps with this one product:  framing, sheathing, insulation, vapor and sound control according to Frank McNeil, a builder with Vail associates.  This removes the need for separate work and the labor that goes with it.

Do SIPs require less skilled labor?  Just one experienced foreman and a few less experienced laborers working together yield cost effective labor production rates due to how panels are assembled (much like a puzzle, slide the lightweight pieces together following a numbered installation guide specific to each project).  SIPs help combat what builders fear most – labor shortages.

Can SIPs be used in most climates?  Wet, rainy, humid or cold climates…almost always, the answer is ‘yes’.  You will find stick-framed buildings from the Louisiana Gulf Coast to above the Arctic Circle in Alaska.  Likewise, SIPs can be used in demanding climates.

See how the acceleration advantage of Premier SIPS helped the following projects:

Oregon Church, SIPs  installation

Religious Facility SIPs installation

Five ways SIPs framed buildings help you stay on schedule:

  1. Prefabricated panels go together with an easy number guide.  Windows and doors are already cut out.  Think of it like a paint by number puzzle for a framing crew.
  2. Insulation is already incorporated.
  3. Engineered panels are flat every time, so drywall, door and window installers complete their work faster with a better final finish
  4. Continuous attachment of the surface provided by the OSB means no searching for studs, so interior finishes including cabinetry, molding and flooring is installed faster without needing to shim for bowed walls.
  5. Factory precision means our computerized equipment manufacturers your panels to tight tolerances.  This means the building is manufactured very tight with small gaps in panel seams; this reduce the size of your heating and air conditioning requirements by up to 40% offering immediate time and money savings.


Joe Pasma, PE, Premier SIPS Technical Manager

Joe Pasma, PE, Premier SIPS Technical Manager

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