Premier Building Systems Wins NAHB Multifamily Project Of the Year

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has announced that Coopers Hawk Terrace, a Multifamily duplex project with multiple buildings in California, has been named the 2021 Winner for the best Multifamily project. The project features Premier SIPs – Structural Insulated Panels – for the building envelope’s roof and walls. This 18 unit complex was designed with ZEH (Zero Energy Home) principles at work. It also showcases the ideal blend of renewable energy and high performance construction. NAHB’s Building Systems Council sponsors these annual awards featuring projects across the country for Excellence in Home Design and creativity/innovation for Multifamily housing. See the full list of winners and learn more about these national annual awards here.

Coopers Hawk Terrace incorporates a multitude of impressive design and energy efficiency features. Perhaps the most impressive is that each of the 18 residential units generates their own energy. With solar panels on the garages only, these units completely power themselves and the owners’ cars (two cars per unit at 10,00 miles per car per year). With the entire south-facing roofs clad with solar panels, these 18 residential units would power themselves, AND an additional 54 (average size) existing homes in the neighborhood.  This renewable energy source is a remarkable feat and true testament to the impacts of pairing renewable energy with sustainable construction.

Project Details:

Developed and Built by Cooper’s Hawk Development and designed by Ted Clifton of Zero Energy Plans (winner of the National Green Building Award for Concept & Research as well as the U.S. Department of Energy’s Housing Innovation Award).

The project site in California had high performance requirements to achieve, including California’s zero-energy mandate and the Wildlands-Urban Interface Code. Both of which were easily met with the use of a high performance product like SIPs for building framing. The project was also designed to the US DOE Zero-Energy-Ready standard, which includes the EPA’s Indoor Air Plus program (thresholds for high indoor air and environmental quality).

Premier SIPs Frame for Energy Efficiency:

Premier SIPs were pre-fabricated offsite in Premier Building Systems’ West Coast manufacturing facility and delivered to the job site for installation. With construction (and framing labor) in short supply, offsite panelized construction allowed the project’s 18 units to be framed and dried in extremely fast.

In addition to energy achievements and speed of construction, Premier SIPs provide superior insulation and air-sealing (which contribute to each structure’s high performance capabilities), while eliminating the need to vent the attic, which is a key in achieving the Wildlands-Urban Interface Code.

Tighter, well sealed, building envelopes mean better efficiency of heating and cooling resources. This also reduced the demand for HVAC (heating cooling and ventilation) systems, and allows these mechanical needs to be reduced. Each unit at Cooper’s Hawk Terraces used a Chiltrix CX34 air-to-water heat pump to supply both the heat, cooling, and domestic hot water, and an energy efficiency C.O.P. of 3.92 for heating, and 5.92 for domestic hot water. Which is exceptional for  performance.

Additional Energy Saving Features:

Other energy-saving materials and design features include:

  • Vinyltek triple-pane windows were used, with low SHGC and a U-value of .16
  • All appliances were the lowest energy-use in their respective categories
  • 100% of lighting is LED
  • The homes were each designed to receive maximum benefit from their passive design
  • Solar panels were designed in from the beginning, with the intention of generating enough energy to power these units, their vehicles and surrounding neighborhood

SIPs Recognition As A Superior Building System:

The recognition by NAHB comes in addition to 10 National Building Excellence Awards (the most received of all Structural Insulated Panel Manufacturers) as well as being named Green Builder Media’s Structural Brand of the year. Premier Building Systems strives to manufacture building systems and components that truly make a difference in our communities and is honored to contribute to highly acclaimed projects in the Construction Industry.