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  • Project Profile: Puyallup Tribal Longhouse

    We are excited to add a ‘Project Profiles’ section to our blog.  Here you will find details/photos on completed SIPs projects and see how versatile SIPs can be for many different building applications such as: Residential, Commercial, Multi-Family Housing, Education and Native American.  We will constantly add to our Project Profile collection.  Click on the black ‘Follow’ button to the […]
  • Rebuilding Colorado. Better. Smarter.

    Last month’s Colorado floods are leading to massive rebuilding efforts (destruction to 1,918 square miles of the state and $2 billion in property damage), this is the opportunity to redo things different.  With the daunting and hugely expensive task of rebuilding, lets take this chance to design and rebuild homes/buildings BETTER and SMARTER than they were before. When rebuilding there […]
  • SIPS Project Featured in Dwell Magazine

    It is exciting to be part of the recently completed LEED for Homes Platinum Project, 3 Palms, which is featured in the July/August issue of Dwell Magazine.  Built for Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston, the 3 palms Project documents the designing, engineering and building of his net zero energy home on the beach in California.   The 3 Palms Project […]
  • Tribal SIPS Project Receives USGBC Project of the Year and International SEED Award

    The Puyallup Tribal Longhouse, a multifamily housing project on the Puyallup Tribe reservation in Tacoma, WA is receiving international recognition this month.  By utilizing advanced technologies, such as Premier structural insulated panels (SIPS), architect Environmental Works was able to impressively integrate both cultural and environmental responsibility into the tribal project to meet the goals set by the Puyallup Tribal Housing Authority….”space […]
  • Preserving Affordable Housing for Seniors in Arizona

    The costs to rent or purchase housing remains increasingly less affordable to millions of Americans, both for those on fixed retirement incomes as well as those who have not yet reached retirement.  For those who have only small pensions, social security and a few assets, their only hope for a safe, healthy and affordable housing is through communities built with the assistance of Low Income […]
  • Premier SIPS Bring Home Top Honors in 2012 Building Excellence Awards

    We were thrilled to be honored during The Structural Insulated Panel Association’s (SIPA)  10th Annual 2012 Building Excellence Awards ceremony, held at the SIPA  Annual Meeting in Texas.  Building Excellence Awards highlight innovative projects using SIPs as the basis for energy-efficient, green buildings.  Entries were evaluated on energy efficiency, design and structural engineering innovation, environmental sustainability, and creative use of […]