Residential SIPS Framing Systems

Park City, Utah

LEED Platinum Certified, Park City, UT.

Superior SIP Homes

Follow the future of framing like so many other homeowners have! For more than 50 years Premier SIPS roofs, walls and floors have framed homes from the ocean front in California, to hot temps in Southern Florida, to freezing winters from Alaska to Maine.

Decades in the field have shown that SIP homes have stood stronger, straighter and greener than those homes framed with traditional 2×6 lumber and batt insulation.

Check out our residential photo gallery and detailed project profiles to see how SIPs are used on homes with a large variety of architectural details in many different climates.

Benefits to the Homeowner

  • Structurally Superior: Compared to non-engineered 2×6″ lumber.
  • Sound Investment: Appraisers now recognize advanced building materials and sustainable features in home values.
  • Strong Warranty Offers Peace of Mind (you won’t see this with stick framed lumber).
  • Reduced Heating/Cooling Costs: Up to 60% less!
  • Better for the Environment: Less energy used, reduces green house gas emissions.
  • Healthier Home Environments: Large panels with far fewer joints than stick framed construction mean fewer pollutants are able to enter the walls.
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ):  Tighter and better insulated structures enable the occupants to regulate the air quality with simple ventilation techniques.  The EPA also recognizes SIPs role in providing healthier IAQ and outlines some of the reasons why proper ventilation is critical to home occupant’s health here.
  • Faster construction time: SIP panels come precut from the factory per your custom plans.  Much like a jig saw puzzle, SIPs are installed in days rather than weeks.  Therefore, a SIPs house can be dried in and ready for siding/roofing much faster than traditional 2×6 framed construction and batt insulation.


Benefits to the Builder

Benefits to the Builder:

As if building a far superior home for your clients isn’t enough… get the full list of benefits on our Contractor Resources Page.

Benefits to the Builder

Design Professional Versatility:

Deliver spectacular structures with exceptional sustainability with Premier SIPs… view all Design Resources here.

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Want to learn more?

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