Stick builders, issues on how to comply with updated energy codes?

Stick builders, issues on how to comply with updated energy codes?
Written by:   Joe Pasma, PE, Premier Technical Manager

Okay, many of you have been following this blog because of the information on SIPs.  Not much has been talked about concerning the issues you stick builders face.  Well this post is for you.

Premier Continuous Insulation (ci) Panel

Many stick builders are facing, or soon will be facing, issues that have to do with how to comply with some of the newly adopted continuous insulation (ci) requirements of the updated energy codes.  Depending on which climate zone you are dealing with, the thickness of the exterior wall you are building and which energy code you have to comply with, the amount of continuous insulation will vary.  One thing does seem certain; the codes are mandating that you do something.

You’re in luck, Insulfoam can help.  Just like the Premier SIPs that Insulfoam manufactures, Insulfoam also manufactures various types of rigid insulation products; R-Tech® is one example, which could be used to help you meet the new energy requirements.  Check out the Premier SIPs and InsulFoam websites, contact one of our knowledgeable sales reps, or get a hold of the Insulfoam Tech Center for more information.

Insulfoam R-Tech Wall Application, Residential

Insulfoam R-Tech Wall Application, University of Alaska at Fairbanks


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