Tech Tuesday: Another Way to Look at SIPS & Energy Efficiency…

Tech Tuesday: Another Way to Look at SIPS & Energy Efficiency…

Written by:   Joe Pasma, PE, Premier SIPS Technical Manager

It doesn’t seem all that long ago, back in the early ’90’s, when the only people touting the benefits of SIPs were the manufactures making the panels.  Just the other day, I sat in on a webinar presented by a contractor who has been building with SIPs for some time.  His presentation was targeted to other builders.  He was giving reasons why he as a builder has embraced SIP construction.

With October being Energy Awareness Month I am sure we are going to see all kinds of information about why SIPs are so energy-efficient.  The part of this presentation that struck me was that the builder, who was also the developer, for this particular piece of property was able to construct the building and have it occupied ninety days after breaking ground.  He said that this was four to five months faster than with a stick built structure.  This condensed construction sequence saved him $5000/month in interest on the construction loan and he was able to start realizing rental income sooner.  Just looking at these dollars put the equivalent of $50,000 to $75,000 in the builders pocket because he chose to build with SIPs.  He didn’t even touch on the energy efficiency of the rental spaces and the lower utility bills the building will see for the life of the structure.

What a cool way to look at the energy efficiency SIPs bring to the table.  Maybe the time for SIPs is sooner than we think.



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