Tech Tuesday: Replacing the siding on your building?

Tech Tuesday: Replacing the siding on your building?

Written by:   Joe Pasma, PE, Premier SIPS Technical Manager

Okay, you’re convinced that SIPS are the only way to go. You’ve decided that SIPS are the most energy efficient building system out there today. Hands down SIPS win. The only problem is that you are not building or doing a big addition on your structure so SIPS just don’t have a place for you. End of story.

Well not really. Premier SIPS has developed a continuous insulation panel that can be used as in retro fit / addition projects. The continuous insulation panel consists of 7/16” OSB, 1 ½” EPS and a perforated silver film. This product provides an R-Value of 6.4. It is intended to be used over stud framing applications. A building owner looking to replace the siding on their building should definitely consider this material as an option to enhance the thermal performance of the building envelope.

Take a look at our Premier continuous insulation brochure for more on this new panel.  Visit Premier SIPS website for your building needs!

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